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PcServices assigned to BlueNetwork the performance of proximity marketing

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PcServices assigned to BlueNetwork the performance of proximity marketing during the 1st International Exhibition Pool About Salon!

The International Exhibition Pool about Salon took place for first time, from 18 to 21/02/2011 with great success. The aim of the Exhibition was to redefine the concept of pool-spa, from a privilege only of the rich to its actual substance, which is none other than relaxation, joy, fun, wellness, and improvement of  the quality of life for all of us. Thus, the first International POOL about SALON, a “misunderstood” product, found for the first time his true identity and took the position it deserves

BlueNetwork installed and operated successfully a network of Bluetooth Hotspots, distributing to the mobile phones of visitors, different advertising messages. This innovative way of sending advertising, was commented positive by the receivers of messages, which realised the enormous potentials of the network of Bluetooth Hotspots, the expansion of which is being increased month by month due to the large response.

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