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Cooperation of Data Communication Systems Ltd with Forum SA

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Cooperation of Data Communication Systems Ltd with Forum SA at the 6th International Exhibition of HORECA 2011.

The 6th International Exhibition of  HORECA 2011, was completed successfully  at the exhibition centre at the area of Anthousa of Attica.

More than 70,000 were the professionals and visitors of 6th HORECA 2011, fact that indicates that this exhibition has been imprinted in the minds of everyone as a leading institution for the Hotel and Catering Mass.

In the Exhibition, Data Communication Systems Ltd together with FORUM SA, a pioneer company in Greece, had the opportunity to show to the visitors the innovative technological solution of Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Marketing. Visitors, upon entering the exhibition hall, were receiving to their mobile phone a welcome message. Total sent more than 12,500 messages.

The focus of our interest is the Marketing and more specific this one via wireless networks, called Proximity Marketing. It is a new method, which complements the existing range of traditional methods of information, promotion and advertising, addressed personally to each consumer via the mobile phone, minimizes or eliminates the use of paper, thereby contributing to environmental protection while providing full and reliable statistics elements as any other method, perfectly measurable degree of responsiveness of the advertising campaign.

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