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How it work

Bluetooth HotSpot system, is constantly scanning the surrounding area to detect new Bluetooth devices and transmits to them, free content (product information, special offers, coupons, text, video, MP3, applications, etc.). All needed is these devices, to have the Bluetooth feature enabled and be within the range of about 100 meters (within the transmission range). Bluetooth HotSpot will recognize them and send to them your content.

Step 1: Confirmation Request

HowFor each device that is being detected, the system sends a message, requesting permission from the user to send the content.

Do you wish to download content from “in-your-name-here” ?
( the name of HotSpot )

Step 2: Acceptance from the user

The sending begins.

Step 3: Sending the content

The content is now on the client’s device!


Bluetooth HotSpot system, is constantly scanning


The systems that have integrated Wi-Fi, and are configured to operate in “Wi-Fi Marketing” function (the embedded Wi-Fi operates either in “Wi-Fi Marketing” function or in “HotSpot” function for wireless access to the control panel), allow you to upload a mini site in HTML. This allows to each smartphone with Wi-Fi, to have access to this mini site. The creation and management of this site are very simple, quick and easy for the user.

Visual Sensitive

Move texts, images and video on a remote screen without contact, just by moving your hands, using a low cost technology, ‘Plug & Play’, that allows you to be completely autonomous. Platinum VS, is the ideal tool for any company that wants to capture public attention and to interact with its customers. Now with Platinum VS, any screen with HDMI port, can become an interactive one, by detecting the gestures and the movements of the body of users.

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