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Services of Creation Proximity Marketing Applications

Services and applications for mobile telephony is, for the next decade, the great technological revolution and BlueNetwork has invested in human resources and services, to lead the revolution in Greece and abroad. Having ready and custom, client oriented, solutions applications, they may be related to different subjects and areas, like Health, Business, Environment, Culture, Recreation, Tourism, Transportation, Dining etc. through various applications such as applications for tourism (guides), targeted information, promotions (coupons, contests, mobile coupons and other).

Services of Creation Proximity Marketing Applications

Indicative Application Example of Entersoft Mobile®

Integrated application of automated sales management (Sales Force Automation, SFA), with PDA’s, in the palm of your hand. Technologically advanced application, easy to use, low energy consumption as a standalone product or even fully integrated to ERP and CRM.

Increase Efficiency: Technology equips executives with the mobile applications, providing instant information and complete picture of their issues as if they were actually in office. Simultaneously, mobile applications impose the corporate culture and procedures, ensuring customer satisfaction and the organization’s strategy.

Optimizing Cost Management: The company database is updated in real time, without bureaucratic procedures, customer orders are executed immediately, the Back office is being decongested, reducing substantially the administrative costs..

Strategic Development Strengthening: The detailed references and reports provided by the software, provide directly the required information to management for the progress of sales, the market penetration, by sector, geographic region, etc., the performance of promotions and visibility for the further planning and targeting of the organization..

Indicative Application Example of Entersoft Mobile

Field Sales

Is an application that releases executives from the office boundaries. Suitable for FMCGs, wholesale trade, addressed to a wide network, Product Distribution, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage, books, business equipment and much more ….

  • Contact Management (people, customers, contacts, addresses etc.)
  • Products and Services Management, including Categories, sub-categories, and many more user definable fields
  • Offer and Order Management application, with immediate application of the current trade and credit policy of the firm, fully supporting selection via   barcode reader or selection from a list of items.
  • Collection Management, schedule, prediction, cash, checks, etc.
  • Calendar Management, for scheduling appointments, visits, and operations, automatic sync with Outlook Mobile, Voice Memo etc

Field Marketing

This application offers more ‘space’ in the marketing activities of the organization, to Merchandisers, to complete customer questionnaires, to Field promotional campaigns, in enrollments to loyaltycards, to promoters, to Medical sales representatives….

  • Questionnaires
  • Marketing surveys
  • Promoters
  • Records in Fidelity patterns

Field Service

The application that transfers your services to the customer site, but also the whole the information that rule them such as knowledge base, service contracts, trade policy, credit policy, billable or not parts…


The application that transfers your services to the customer site

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