Email Newsletter Marketing

Increase the efficiency of your advertising with targeted E-mail Newsletter Marketing !!!

Ε-mail Newsletter Marketing is an effective tool to promote your company, as well as your products, services or any other messages, as nowadays, electronic mail (E-mail) is one of the applications most frequently used by users.

The experienced team of BlueNetwork undertakes to manage for you and send  to your customers informational e-mails, without having to install a newsletter system on your website.

Email Newsletter Marketing

Advantages of E-mail Newsletter Marketing:

  • Low cost per receiver (no printing costs, shipping etc.)
  • Interactive marketing method
  • Direct recording and measuring the responses of recipient (you can see how many recipients saw and opened the e-mail address, how many people visited the website, etc.)
  • Advanced targeting public- Option to forward the informational e-mail

E-mail Newsletter Marketing Services provided by BlueNetwork:


  • Send bulk e-mails to a large base of recipients
  • Design of the informational e-mail according to the specific customer needs
  • Appearence check of the E-mail Newsletter, ensuring a smooth appearance to all the E-mail clients
  • Spam Check- Providing detailed statistics of the campaign
Advantages of E-mail Newsletter Marketing:

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