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Data Communication Systems

Building Successful Businesses Since 1993

Basic Strategy

The basic strategy of Data Communication Systems is the differentiation and the technologically innovative proposal to wards its customers. Its main focus is to create business – customer value to consumers.

The company has the necessary expertise, as
the board members have the experience and expertise in the industry of Internet Technologies, not only in information and communication technologies (ICT) but in sales and marketing too, after years working in this area.

Brand Bluenetwork

Innovative solutions to broadcast commercials via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Visual sensitive systems.


DCS Represents

One of the most important partnerships of our company, in Greece, is this with Perle Systems Limited, Entersoft.


Safe And Secure

We offer the products, team, services and relationships that enable us to deliver customized solutions that can drive your organization forward.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Our company, with the help of its partners, has installed, and now successfully operates, a network of Bluetooth,
Wi-Fi Hotspots and Visual Sensitive in Greece and Europe. At each point of the network, are running, simultaneous, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Hotspots and Visual Sensitive systems. The users may have free access to various media content, through any mobile device that has enabled the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, (laptop, PDA, netbook, Iphone, Blackberry, Smartphone, iPad, etc. ..) or through, special installed, screens.

Join now in the expansion of the network and benefit!

Global Leader 10 Years In a Row 

Data Communication Systems Ltd., started its operations in Greece in January 1993 in Athens. The need, of the modern market, of information technology for skilled and experienced scientists to continuously explore the potential use of new technologies, combined with the increasing demands of service, became the cause for the establishment of our company.

Our Perfect many-years presence, both domestically and in foreign markets, highlights the high level of cooperation initiated by our company with its partners. And this is because our company believes that the most important factor for a long-standing and productive company is the effectiveness that demonstrates in the professional field.


Average profit per year


Average invest per year

Visual Sensitive

Achieve now easy and direct communication and marketing, through the solution of Proximity Marketing.

Proximity Marketing is a method of direct marketing, which operates through locally wireless networks for sending combinational contents (such as text, photos, audio, video, etc). The content is transmitted to mobile phones and devices that support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or GPS, which are within the range of the transmitter, or to screens which, through special devices, the public can interact with. By using Proximity Marketing, you can achieve targeted communication to specific areas and users.

Featured Case Studies

Sample contents of promotional messages

A Leader In The Industry

Proximity Marketing Specialists

  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Visual Sensitive
  • Pay per click advertising
    (Google Adwords)
  • Convert website visitors into customers
    (Conversion optimization)
  • Website Evaluation (Web Analytics)
  • Social Media
  • Design and Sending Email Newsletter
  • Tag Marketing
  • SMS Marketing

Notable companies who trusted the Proximity Marketing solution:

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