Mobile Barcoding

Easy and direct transactions through the Mobile Barcoding technology !!!

Now you can simplify even more your transactions or promote your company with a smart way, thanks to the Mobile Marketing service provided by BlueNetwork.

End users can now receive to their mobile a unique barcode, which represents either a ticket (mobile ticketing), or a coupon offer (mobile couponing), or a membership card (mobile loyalty club). In this way, consumers no longer have to carry their tickets, printed coupons and membership cards, as long as they have with them their mobile phone.

Meanwhile, companies have a full picture of the movement of customers in stores as the redemption of a voucher, the cancellation of a ticket and the point collection are made at the point of sale, so they know exactly the response to their action. By Mobile Barcoding both sides benefit. Τhe sender, which has always and everywhere, available on his mobile phone, the digital barcode and the receiver, as he avoids the costs arising from the printed form of various contents.

Easy and direct transactions through the Mobile Barcoding technology !!!

Mobile Barcoding Benefits for consumers: 

  • Direct delivery to their mobile phones
  • Facilitation of the consumer to redeem the code (ticket, coupon or membership card)
  • No need to queue– They can forward them to a Friend 


Mobile Barcoding Benefits for the company:

  • Increase revenue by increasing accessibility
  • Reduced facilities costs- Avoid printing, shipping, recollection and counting costs
  • Ecological, help to protect the environment by requiring neither paper nor ink
  • Full picture of the movement of customers in stores
  • You can define a dynamic sender
  • You can customize the visual arts in order to fully represent your company
  • You can allow access to the archives for a specific number of views or for specific dates
  • You can prohibit the forward of sent files
Mobile Barcoding Benefits for consumers:

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