Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Visual Sensitive Services

BlueNetwork offers the choice of an appropriate solution, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Visual Sensitive, among a wide range of alternative options. You can choose the solution that completely covers all your needs and any special features you may have. You can either buy or rent the equipment. You can also choose, just to promote your company or your customers through our network.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Visual Sensitive Services

Buy the Equipment: By buying the equipment that meets your needs and specificities, you get the easy and unrestricted use of it, where, when and as often as you want, at no extra cost beyond the purchase cost. Buy the equipment you wish and advertise your company, products and services. Take advantage of the equipment purchased, advertise your customers earning additional benefits from this advertising.

Rent the Equipment: You can rent the equipment you wish and be released from the necessity of investing for the purchase of equipment. Rent the equipment and carry out advertising campaigns, of yours or of your customers, without the need of investment. With the option of renting the equipment (short or long term rental), you are able to respond at any time to any needs of your company or your customers.

Be promoted through our network: With this option, you can be advertises through our, already installed, network, in any of the country you wish, without the need of buying or renting equipment.

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