Mobile Portals

Offer a wealth of information to your customers, directly, quickly and effectively, through their mobile phone !

Undoubtedly, Mobile Portal is one of the greatest technological revolutions of the decade. A Mobile Portal is usually a reduced version of the main website of a company. The Mobile Portals are friendly and carefully designed, in such a manner and technology, so as to be compatible to the advanced mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.). Your customers, by entering a Mobile Portal via a mobile phone, can have access to a wealth of information with just one click. Are distinguished for solidity, their functionality and their ability to work interactively with the user and not just relate to the one-way information forwarding.

The experienced team of BlueNetwork can create high quality Mobile Portals, especially designed according to the requirements, and to what the customer wants to promote through it. Moreover, in each Mobile Portal, there is the possibility of importing advertising content (in the form of bannes, link, etc.), which leads to the corresponding Mobile Portal of the advertiser.

Mobile Portals

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