Social Media Marketing

Bluetooth HotSpot system, is constantly scanning the surrounding area to detect new Bluetooth devices and transmits to them, free content (product information, special offers, coupons, text, video, MP3, applications, etc.). All needed is these devices, to have the Bluetooth feature enabled and be within the range of about 100 meters (within the transmission range). Bluetooth HotSpot will recognize them and send to them your content.

Take advantage of the social media to promote your company!!!

Unquestionably, in recent years, social media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, FlickR, LinkedIn, etc.) are widely used and allow the direct and interactive communication between users.

This is why, the Social Media Marketing, is an excellent interactive tool, which allows us to develop  the “word of mouth” advertising, one of the simplest, yet most effective, forms of advertising.The experienced team of BlueNetwork undertakes the creation and guidance of your Social Media campaign, which will increase traffic to your website and enhance your brand identity.

Social Media Marketing

Advantages of Social Media Marketing:

  • Large number of social media users, therefore maximum possible potential customers
  • Low cost compared to the other traditional media advertising
  • The advertiser has the possibility of absolute control of the campaign (choose to promote in a specific country or city etc.)
  • Enable users to share with others their experiences (positive feedback and suggestions from satisfied customers is the most powerful weapon in                     the hands of each company)

 Social Media Marketing Services provided by BlueNetwork:

  • Design and optimization of the profiles in Social Media
  • A strategic approach and actions (Run Campaign & Competitions)
  • Search engine optimization techniques
  • Competition Analysis
  • Application Development

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