Smart Marketing

Smart Marketing

Smart marketing is the key of success!

Smart marketing is the key to a successful business. Innovative solutions to broadcast commercials via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Visual sensitive systems. Cut on costs of communication and promotion to your potential customers Smart marketing is the key to…

Guaranteed Success

Guaranteed Success

World leaders in broadcast advertising via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Visual Sensitive systems!

World leaders in broadcast advertising via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Visual Sensitive systems. The seven-year experience and hundreds of our advertising campaigns internationally, are the better guarantee for the success of any future collaboration

BlueNetwork’s Network

Bluenetwork in Greece and Europe!

The network of BlueNetwork is already installed and running in many cities of Greek and European territory. Through our network, the users can have free access to various kinds of information.

Visual Sensitive

Visual Sensitive

Move texts, pictures and videos only by gestures of your hand!

Interact without contact! Move text, images and videos in a monitor without contact, only with the gesture of your hands.Now with Platinum VS each kind of monitor with HDMI port can be interactive only detecting hands and body gestures of…

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Connect the physical world to the digital one, enhancing and making your campaign more efficient !

microsoft_tagMicrosoft Tags are 2D barcodes that connect people to information, entertainment and interactive experiences in a digital world. They allow you to capture the attention of the public, anytime, anywhere via the Mobile Marketing. Microsoft Tag adds a whole new dimension to your campaigns, making them more attractive and interactive.

You can place a Tag wherever you can imagine, such as product packaging, posters, magazines, shops, restaurants, malls, public transport stations etc. When someone scans on his cell phone a Tag, using the free application Tag Reader, it transfers him, automatically, wherever you want and you have set to, for example on a website, a text, an application, a video, a card contact etc.

Some Reasons to Use Tag Marketing:

1. Makes Mobile Marketing easy in practice

Through the Microsoft Tag service, you can expand the marketing of your company and of your customers to mobile phones too. All you need are two simple tools. The Tag manager, to create Tags, and reports showing when and where these Tags were used, and the free Tag Reader application, which makes it possible to public, to scan the various Tags.

scan32. Create your own Tag to fully represent your company

You can easily design a Tag and adapt it appropriately, to reflect the brand of your company. Unlike other bar codes (simple barcodes, Quick Response (QR) codes), Microsoft Tags, offer greater flexibility in design, since they can be either in black and white or in color, and can include brands too. Their small size allow you to minimize the required space needed for their display in your printed materials, while maximizing  your promotion.

3. Constitutes an economical Marketing way

You can add a compelling mobile experience to your marketing at little or no cost. Make your ad work twice as hard by linking directly to your web or mobile site.

4.  Keeps your campaigns current

Tag gives you the flexibility to change the content behind a Tag, anytime you want, without changing the printed Tag, so your printed materials never become obsolete.tag_1

5. Personalize the customer experience

Add that personal touch – and increase sales – by customizing your mobile content based on a consumer's location or by recognizing multiple scans from their smartphone.

6. Provides campaign metrics
Gauging the success of a marketing or ad campaign can be tricky, but Tag Manager provides free analytics you can use to see when, where, and how often your Tags are being scanned.