Smart Marketing

Smart Marketing

Smart marketing is the key of success!

Smart marketing is the key to a successful business. Innovative solutions to broadcast commercials via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Visual sensitive systems. Cut on costs of communication and promotion to your potential customers Smart marketing is the key to…

Guaranteed Success

Guaranteed Success

World leaders in broadcast advertising via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Visual Sensitive systems!

World leaders in broadcast advertising via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Visual Sensitive systems. The seven-year experience and hundreds of our advertising campaigns internationally, are the better guarantee for the success of any future collaboration

BlueNetwork’s Network

Bluenetwork in Greece and Europe!

The network of BlueNetwork is already installed and running in many cities of Greek and European territory. Through our network, the users can have free access to various kinds of information.

Visual Sensitive

Visual Sensitive

Move texts, pictures and videos only by gestures of your hand!

Interact without contact! Move text, images and videos in a monitor without contact, only with the gesture of your hands.Now with Platinum VS each kind of monitor with HDMI port can be interactive only detecting hands and body gestures of…

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How can I use the Proximity Marketing successfully

Bluetooth StandsBe Visible! Ask your customers to open the Bluetooth, using, for example, big "Turn on your Bluetooth" banners and inform them for the content they can receive, for example, free mobile games.

This way, not only will you increase the proportion of devices that have the Bluetooth feature enabled, but you will notify your customers about the promotional campaign too.

Avoid spamming! Delimit the maximum number of sending efforts that will be done, and do not send the same files (also you should ensure that customers will not receive the same file from different Bluetooth HotSpots).

Make sure that the content is compatible! The contents that you send, should be compatible with all the mobile devices.

Reward your customers! It is advisable to offer something for the interest shown by your potential customers.